Initial Cabin Crew

Attestation Course

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Cabin Crew Attestation Training includes

The course includes all theoretical and practical training as per EU 290/2012, Annex V, and Appendix 1 to Part CC.


General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulations covers all elements relevant to the duties and responsibilities required from cabin crew.
Communication with flight crew, including communication techniques, common language and terminology. During training, emphasis shall be placed on the importance of effective communication between cabin crew.
Introductory course on human factors (HF) in aviation and crew resource management (CRM)
Passenger handling and cabin surveillance 

Aero-medical aspects and first-aid: 

  • general instruction on aero-medical aspects and survival

  • the physiological effects of flying with particular emphasis on hypoxia and oxygen requirements

  • basic first-aid 

  • in-flight medical emergencies and associated first-aid 

  • the use of appropriate equipment including first-aid oxygen, first-aid kits and emergency medical kits and their contents; 

  • practical cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training 

  • travel health and hygiene

Dangerous goods in accordance with the applicable ICAO Technical Instructions.

General security aspects in aviation, including awareness of the provisions laid down in Regulation (EC)   No 300/2008

Survival training


The duration of the course is 15 working days.